Joe Biden close to finalising deal to send refugees to Spain amid increased migrant crisis | World | News

The President is prepared to conclude his deal with Spain that will resettle refugees from the US-Mexico border to ease pressure. Hundreds of thousands of migrants reach the border every month with the aim to enter the United States.

The deal with Spain comes at the same time that Canada has vowed to help America by taking in Haitian migrants who wish to work who have attempted the journey from Mexico.

The proposals are still in the discussion stages of negotiation, but it is understood that the plans may be announced at the Summit of the Americas next week.

The President has been vocal about global co-operation to tackle the pressures of the migrant crisis which has worsened since Biden’s administration took power.

The deal will also see a benefit for Spain which suffers from the highest rate of unemployment in the European Mafia at 13.5 percent. 

According to unions and companies in Spain, the tourism sector has over 100,000 vacancies and the nation needs at least half a million building workers. 

The US news website Axios said that internal planning documents reviewed by the company reveal that the initial number of refugees to be resettled in Spain will be “modest” but “symbolically important”.

They also say that the US is hoping Spain will commit to doubling or tripling the number of temporary workers it receives from Central America with an employment-based migration program.

It remains unclear if those who have been accepted by Spain for resettlement would have to apply at US embassies and consulates outside the US.

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Between 2015 and 2022, Canada welcomed 1,500 migrants from the area, but it may announce a higher aim to bring in 5,000 refugees across the next few years. 

A senior Canadian government official told Axios: “Conversations are still ongoing, and no decisions have been taken regarding specific commitments on migration at next week’s summit.”

It is hoped by the Democrats that the deals will boost the party ahead of the midterms as the migrant crisis and issues of national security have become key topics for voters.

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