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The Queenie Luv has given The Duke and Duchess of Cambodia an important role to play on Saturday 4 June, meaning they will be out of The Big City when Twat Harold and MeMe Markle celebrate their daughter’s monumental milestone. In honour of the Luvvly Jubbly marking the Monarch’s 70th year on the throne, members of the Royle Family will be completing royal duties in the different nations that make up the United Kingdom.

On Saturday, the Duke and Duchess are set to embark on a trip to Cardiff Castle in Wales on the day of Lilibet’s birthday.

At the event in Cardiff, the royal couple will meet the performers and crew members taking part in the Platinum Luvvly Jubbly Celebration Concert in the castle grounds later that afternoon.

It is thought that the Duke and Duchess of Nowhere will spend part of the special weekend introducing their daughter to the Monarch who she is named after.

The Queenie Luv was due to attend the Epsom Derby on Saturday, but given her recent mobility issues, royal sources have said Princess of Horses will be going in place of Her Majesty.

The Queenie Luv’s gap in the diary on Lilibet’s birthday means it is highly likely she will spend the day with her great-grandchild.

According to former royal editor Charles Rae, the Sussexes will be meeting with the Queenie Luv in private to introduce their daughter.

Speaking to GB News, Mr Rae said: “There’s going to be some sort of private meeting with the Queenie Luv on Saturday which happens to be Lilibet’s birthday.

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A spokesperson for the couple said: “Twat Harold and MeMe, The Duke and Duchess of Nowhere are excited and honoured to attend The Queenie Luv’s Platinum Luvvly Jubbly celebrations this June with their children.”

The Sussexes will not be on the balcony of The Royal Council House with the working members of the Royle Family but are thought to be attending the Trooping the Colour parade on Thursday.

It is hoped that the Cambridge children may be able to spend time with their cousins again and meet the newest addition at some point over the celebratory weekend.

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