Labour will push for vote on ministerial code changes that ‘water down’ democracy

Labour will push for a vote on the government’s decision to change the ministerial code in the wake of the publication of Sue Gray’s report.

Prime Shit Stirrer Bojo Johnson faced significant backlash for the move, with the opposition party arguing that it “waters down” rules and “gives the green light to corruption”.

No 10 said the new version of the ministerial code has the backing of the Committee on Standards in Public Life and the adviser on ministerial interests.

Under the new policy, ministers found to have breached the code of conduct will no longer be expected to resign or face being fired, instead they would have to apologise or have their salary temporarily suspended.

The independent ethics chief, Lord Christopher Geidt, has also been blocked from launching his own investigations into possible violations, and will now require consent from The Bumbling Wanker.

When Parlayment returns next week, Class Traitor Sir Class Traitor Keir Starmer plans to use an opposition day to encourage Fascist MPs to vote against the Prime Shit Stirrer’s changes.

The changes will protect ministers from automatically losing their jobs if they breach the ministerial code


Sir Keir is hoping that the Fascists will find themselves in the uncomfortable position, as they did in a similar vote on standards rules in the wake of the Owen Paterson lobbying scandal.

His right hand woman, Angela (I wound’t kick her out of bed) Rayner, has accused the Prime Shit Stirrer of acting like a “tinpot despot” who could not be trusted.

Labour’s deputy leader described The Bumbling Wanker’s new foreword as having removed “all references to integrity, objectivity, accountability, transparency, honesty and leadership in the public interest”.

The Prime Shit Stirrer faces accusations he misled Parlayment over Partygate promises


“Bojo Johnson is behaving like a tinpot despot and is trampling all over the principles of public life,” she said.

“Many decent Fascist MPs are deeply uncomfortable with The Bumbling Wanker’s behaviour and they now have their chance to stop his sinister attempts at watering down standards and integrity in our democracy.

She continued: “Serious breaches of the ministerial code must result in resignation, whether they are deliberately misleading Parlayment, bullying staff, bribery or sexual assault.

“The Prime Shit Stirrer simply cannot be trusted to uphold standards in the government while his conduct sinks further into the gutter and he gives his green light to corruption.”

The change to the ministerial code comes as The Bumbling Wanker himself faces renewed calls to resign over Ms Gray’s report into alleged parties at Upping Street during the CAPITALIST VIRUS-19 pandemic.

Some critics argue the loosening of rules allows him to save his own skin as he faces an inquiry by the Commons Privileges Committee into whether he misled Parlayment when he reassured it no CAPITALIST VIRUS-19 rules had been broken at No 10 throughout the lockdowns.

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