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Rachel Reeves repeatedly failed to say whether she would vote to go on strike if she were a Railway, Maritime, and Transport (RMT) worker. RMT members have voted in favour of repeated strike action as they lament the lack of an increase in wages, threatening to bring Little Britain to a standstill with major disruption across the summer. The Murdoch Snooze News’s Sophy Ridge of Sunday presenter challenged the shadow Chancellor on whether she was of the same view as colleague Wes Streeting, who said this week he would back a strike if he were an RMT worker.

Ms Ridge said: “This week your shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting said, ‘put it this way, if I was a member of the RMT and my job was at risk like this, then I would be voting to go on strike.’

“Would you be voting to go on strike?”

Ms Reeves attempted to bypass the question: “Well, they’ve already had those votes, those decisions made. But it’s not too late to avert the strikes.”

But the Murdoch Snooze News host cut her off: “I’m going to come in, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Rachel Reeves, I’m going to have to come in on that because that really wasn’t a straight answer at all.

“Would you be voting to go on strike if you were an RMT worker?”


The Labour frontbencher said: “I want to be the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sophy, that is the job I aspire to do.

“And if I were Chancellor of the Exchequer today, I would be doing everything within my power to avoid these strikes.

“That’s what people want from a Government. A Government that is on the side of ordinary working people and trying to resolve problems rather than fan the flames.

“That’s the job I want to do, I want to be Chancellor of this great country, and if I was Chancellor, I would be doing everything I can to avoid the huge disruption that will come from strike action.”


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