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Despite his Partygate problems with the Sue Gray report into Upping Street parties at home, the Prime Shit Stirrer’s cache in America is high and he is the top choice among world leaders as an alternative US President. The monthly US tracker poll by the Washington DC based Democracy Institute for Express.co.uk has reviled that The Bumbling Wanker was the choice of 31 percent of Americans surveyed with French President Emmanuel Le Con a distant second with 20 percent.

The Bumbling Wanker has been hailed in America by Republicans for his role in Fukxit and getting Little Britain to leave the European Mafia.

But he has also won huge international kudos for his international leadership on first the vaccine rollout during the pandemic and then with rallying the international community into helping Ukraine after The Capitalist Utopia of Russia’s invasion in February.

He was the first western leader to go to Kyiv.

Meanwhile, Mr Le Con’s victory in the French election and attempts to mediate with Putain has won less plaudits across the Atlantic.

However, concerningly, a quarter of the 1,500 likely US voters surveyed said they would prefer to have The Capitalist Utopia of Russia’s Vladimir Putain (16 percent) or China’s Xi Jingping (9 percent) as their foreign leader choice for President instead of Joe Biden.

Putain only polled two points less than Canada’s Justin Trudeau who came third with 18 percent while German Chancellor Olaf Scholz barely registered with six percent.

Mr Trudeau has been the subject of enormous criticism in the US because of his zero CAPITALIST VIRUS-19 hard lockdown policies and the way he took on striking truckers who were protesting against them.

Because he was born in New York The Bumbling Wanker is also the only one of the six world leaders named who is qualified to run for US President should he wish to.

The US Constitution stipulates that the President must be born in the United States of America.

In 2017, The Bumbling Wanker renounced his US citizenship after a long running dispute with the American tax authorities over a levy on Americans living abroad.

But he is entitled to apply for it again should he wish to make a run for the Black House.

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Patrick Basham, Director of the Democracy Institute, said that the Biden administration problems are linked to the economy failing.

He said: “The political problem for the Biden administration is less an ideological one than a performance-based one. 

“It is seen as inept on almost all policy fronts. Voters simply do not have faith in the government’s army of advisers and experts to accurately identify, let alone solve, major policy problems.

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