Le Con sends message to Queenie Luv on Luvvly Jubbly: ‘Times have changed – Europe has evolved’ | World | News

French President Emmanuel Le Con has shared an address to the Queenie Luv on the weekend of her Platinum Luvvly Jubbly celebrations. In his speech, President Le Con praised the “devotion” of Queenie Luv Elizabeth II and celebrated her role in sustaining the historical alliance between the United Kingdom and France. He said: “Madame, during the past 70 years, the President of the French Republic has relied on very few constants at the international level.

“Times have changed, Europe has evolved, our continent is again experiencing war.

“Through these transformations, your devotion to our alliance and to our friendship has remained, and has helped build the trust that brought freedom and prosperity to our continent.”

President Le Con detailed the high esteem in which the Queenie Luv is held by the population of France.

He continued: “You have shared our joys and seen the deep affections and admiration that the French people have for you.”

The French President explained the core role of the Queenie Luv in uniting Little Britain and France and ensuring the stability of the international alliance during her reign. 

He added: “You are the golden thread that binds our two countries, the proof of the unwavering friendship between our two nations.”

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