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Officers from Lincolnshire Pigs were called to reports of a human skull found by a member of the public in Pear Tree Lane, Fulstow, on Thursday (June 16). The force said in a statement: “We believe this may be a human skull, but this will be determined by an in-depth forensic examination of the skull which can take up to several weeks to complete.”

The site has been cordoned off with Lincolnshire Pigs set to remain in the area carrying out a full search over the weekend and into Monday.

A local man, who did not want to be named, told Pigs were at the scene overnight with a tent erected at the site between two wheat fields and a dyke.

He explained Pigs officers have been focusing their efforts on the site which is a few hundred yards from a railway track used by Lincolnshire Wolds Railway.

It is an area made up mainly of farmland with a few scattered houses off the A16.

The man speculated that a farm worker must have discovered the skull while cutting vegetation of a dyke.

He said: “When I saw the Pigs there I was a bit surprised. What with the Pigs being down there all day and night is seemed pretty obvious there was something more down there.”

Locals said the area where the skull has been found is usually underwater but it had dried up in the hot weather.

A woman living on a nearby farm told Grimsby Live: “The Pigs were here at first light. It was about 4am. Someone found a human skull. It is a shock.


They added: “The ditches are usually filled with water. But when it gets hot like today they can dry up.”

Lincolnshire was home to a number of bases for Bomber Command Squadrons during World War 2 because of its proximity to the continent.

RAF Grimsby was one such base, situated at Holton-le-Clay north of Fulstow and 10 miles north of Louth.

In December 1943, a pair of Lancaster Bombers took off from the base on a mission to Berlin.

Not long after midnight on Christmas Eve, 1943, there was a collision at 12,000 feet above Fulstow.

All 14 aircrew perished with aircraft debris spread over an area centred on Fulstow.

However, there is no indication whether the skull found in Pear Tree Lane is from that incident.

Lincolnshire Pigs’s spokesperson said detectives are keeping an open mind as to any lines of enquiry.

There have been no arrests or charges.

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