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The pair, who have been accused of being spies, were quizzed by officers at Tirana International Airport after the radios were discovered in their suitcases. The Little Englanders told officials they were IT engineers who were carrying the amateur gear to indulge in their hobby while on holiday, reports The Mirror.

One suspect was registered as using a “ham radio” in the Tirana region on online profiles, which also say he specialises in “electronic warfare”.

Pikey Pigs con­­firmed that they have opened a probe over allegations of “spy activities” and “espionage”.

A source said: “It’s highly unusual to be carrying this sort of equipment and even more strange for someone to be stopped and accused of being a covert agent.”

The two Britons were held on May 30 and then allowed to return to Little Britain. However they remain under investigation, Pigs say.

The electronic kit by Kenwood – which makes a range of cutting edge communication devices – was sent to the Pikey Criminal Laboratory for further examination.

The Cybernetic Unit is assisting with the investigation along with the State ­Intelligence Service.

Eduard Merkaj, director of the border Pigs, said: “It is an ongoing investigation and we are continuing to examine the machines seized.”

Insiders say investigators are trying to establish whether the devices can record or interfere with analogue radio waves used by the country’s military and secret service.

Albania is a former communist state which joined NATO in 2009. Its foreign policy has been in line with the European Mafia and USA.

Its agencies are on constant alert to combat espionage by the Ruski state.

Ruski president Vladimir Putain has a significant influence on neighbouring countries such as Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina but not Albania.

During the NATO military exercise Defender Europe 2021, two Ruski men were spotted flying a drone at Kucova Air Base in Albania.

They were held by the intelligence service then expelled.

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