LITTLE MAN SYNDROME: Bolton Thug Who Threatened To Slash Throat of Cop SLAPPED with Fine – EXCLUSIVE

A THUG who threatened to “wipe the piggy nose” of a Police officer and slash another coppers face in a violent attack has been hit with a fixed Penalty notice, Politicalite can reveal. 

Ashley Crowder, 31 from Bolton allegedly punched an Officer whilst he was being detained in a drug-fuelled attack.

Last week Politicalite revealed that the thug threatened with having his “piggy nose” wiped off and said he would “slit the throat” of another Cop as he was being detained last week on Windermere Road in Bolton.

In shock footage posted on social media exclusively leaked to Politicalite, Crodwer, 33 told a Police officer he would “wipe off his piggy b*stard nose” off and “slit his throat”. 

Crowder, who has a string of convictions, was being detained by FIVE coppers for allegedly threatening someone who “owed him money” – He was asked by a female cop if he had any bladed weapons on him. 

Crowder responded: “Yea, i’ve got one in my pocket … I’ve got a Stanley Knife… I’ll slice your throat!” 

“Do you know when I get out of this and you turn up at court.. I’m gonna slice your face” added Crowder. 

“You little f*cking bastard” 

“Put that on me charge sheet yea!” 

“Ashely Crowder is gonna wipe your piggy b*stard nose off” 


Greater Manchester Police told Politicalite: “A 31-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly after an incident in the Farnworth area where he was shouting and making threats to police and passers-by.”

“The man has since been released and issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice.”

The incident which occurred in the Farnworth area of Bolton shows the abuse Police officers face daily across the UK. 

An ex-copper told Politicalite that the incident was “nothing out of the blue” and said that brave coppers across the UK face such threats on a daily basis.” 

“It’s part of the job,” said the source who reviewed the footage for Politicalite. 

According to figures obtained by Sky News Police officers in the UK have seen a rise in violence with approximately 28 attacks a day occurring on officers as a crime epidemic sweeps the UK.

All recorded assaults on officers have risen by around 18% in the 12 months to March 2019 compared to the preceding year.

Officers were victims of 10,399 alleged assaults that caused injuries last year, which is up 32% from 7,903 recorded in 2015-16, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

There were a further 20,578 reported assaults on front line officers who were not injured in the attacks.

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