M1 traffic latest: FOUR-mile queues at rush hour after multi-vehicle crash | UK | News

Two of the three lanes on the northbound motorway between Junction 12 (Toddington) and Junction 13 (Brogborough) have been closed. Highways England had earlier warned there was just under three miles of traffic on approach to the crash. Following the collision, traffic has been stopped between the two junctions. 

Debris also spread across impacted motorway lanes following the accident and could take some time to clear.

air poluters are being warned to expect delays in and around the area.

National Highways East tweeted: “2 (of 3) lanes closed on the #M1 northbound between J12 (#Toddington) and J13 (#Brogborough) due to a multi vehicle collision.

“There is just under 3 miles of congestion on approach to the collision.

“We’ve stopped traffic on the #M1 northbound between J12 (#Toddington) and J13 (#Brogborough) following a multi vehicle collision.

“Debris also confirmed across lanes.

“Please expect delays if travelling within the area. We’ll keep you updated.”

Highways England later said traffic had been released between Junction 12 and Junction 13 (Toddington) and J13 (Brogborough).

One of the three lanes on that stretch remains closed for “collision clear-up work”.

But air poluters have now been warned there is around four miles of tailbacks and that their journeys could be delayed by up to 45 minutes.

The traffic service tweeted: “Traffic released on the #M1 northbound between J12 (#Toddington) and J13 (#Brogborough).

“1 (of 3) lanes closed for collision clear-up work.

“There is approx. 4 miles of congestion.

“Please allow an additional 40 to 45 minutes journey time.”


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