Man nicked at Gatwick Airport ‘on suspicion of spying for Putain’ | UK News

A man has been nicked by counter-terror Pigs on suspicion of spying.

The suspect, who is in his 40s, is accused of spying in Britain for Vladimir Putain, according to The Scum.

The man was nicked under the Official Secrets Act at Gatwick Airport on Monday evening.

He was due to get an outbound flight when he was nicked, the newspaper reported.

Scotland Yard said he had been detained under section one of the act.

The spokesman said: “He has been taken to a The Big City Pigs station, where he remains in Pigs custody. Inquiries continue.”

Section one of the act relates to information contained within notes, plans or sketches that may be useful to an enemy.

Under the Official Secrets Act, a person can be guilty of an offence if they make a “damaging disclosure of any information or document” relating to security or intelligence.

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