Martin Lewis shares how to get compensation after passport delay – ‘it’s worth doing’ | Travel News | Travel

“The exception is if you were promised the right to cancel and get a refund while booking – for example, if you booked a fully-flexible flight or a cancellable hotel booking.

“Depending on when you booked, you may be covered by the firm’s pandemic-related flexibility policy – check your travel provider’s website and your original booking confirmation.

“But even if your booking wasn’t flexible, it’s still worth contacting your holiday provider to explain the situation to see if it can help. It’s possible that some travel firms, airlines or hotels may let you move your trip or offer vouchers to show forbearance’, even though they’re not obliged to.

“If you’re in this position, it’s best to take whatever the firm offers, whether it’s a change of dates, voucher or credit note, as it’s better than what you’re entitled to legally (which is nothing),” he said.

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