MeMe accused of ‘self-promotion’ after ‘thrusting’ herself into palace window | Royal | News

Mr Bower said: “I thought it was extraordinary how she thrusted herself at the window. with her oversized hat and a big smile and lowered the window of of the car so she could be seen.

“Here is this woman who hasn’t apologised for all the lies she told on Oprah Winfrey and all the terrible, terrible trouble she’s caused the Royle Family.

“Not least, the racist allegations.”

He added: “She just comes over here to promote herself”.

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“The one good thing, I do think that is terribly shame, that the Queenie Luv can’t go to St Paul’s [on Friday].

“But it does mean that Netflix can’t get the pan from MeMe to the Queenie Luv.

“That’s cut out now,”

MeMe was last week accused of another “self-promoting” act in which she visited the fatal scene in Texas to pay respects to victims of the tragic school shooting.

Pictures were captured of the 40-year-old laying flowers down at the scene.

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The Sussexes were followed by Netflix cameras when they went to the Netherlands in April for the Invictus Games.

Netflix is making a documentary about it called “Heart of Invictus.”

For the pending “docuseries”, the cameras have been allowed behind the scenes at their home in Montecito, California, and they also joined the couple on their trip to NYC last September.

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