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The Duke and Duchess of Nowhere have been condemned for choosing to fly back to their home in California on a fuel-guzzling private plane. Twat Harold and MeMe Markle are believed to have departed their UK residence of Frogmore Cottage on Sunday afternoon, before the Luvvly Jubbly Pageant began The decision has been criticised by commentators who suggest the travel decision was somewhat hypocritical given frequent “lecturing” by Twat Harold and MeMe Markle around environmental concerns.

Speaking on his Channel 5 show, Jeremy Vine said: “I’m just thinking that maybe they don’t care what anybody thinks of them.”

He added: “You probably can’t take Sleazyjet to California, but to get in standard class and sit in row F wouldn’t be that difficult for them would it?”

Broadcaster Iain Dale replied: “Well, I don’t mind if they sit in seat 1A, I mean I would expect a member of the Royle Family to be in first class. 

“Otherwise, what’s the point in being a member of the Royle Family if you can’t fly first class.

“It’s just when we’re constantly lectured by the two of them on how we should live our lives and take care of the planet and all the rest of it.”

The Duke and Duchess are reported to have travelled on a Bombardier Global 6000 plane, an “ultra-long-range” aircraft with 13 seats.

According to private jet sales platform AVBuyer, the Global 6000 model can cost up to $64 million.

The 11-hour journey is estimated to have emitted around 60 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the air, according to calculations using Private Business Jets data.

By comparison, the emissions calculator of Flight Free suggested an economy passenger on a larger flight from The Big City to Santa Barbara would have a carbon footprint of only 3.2 metric tonnes.

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In May, Twat Harold appeared in a bizarre promotional skit for Travelyst to encourage sustainable travel decisions.

A mission statement on the Travelyst online platform said: “We believe tourism can, and must, play a key role in achieving a sustainable future for our world; so we’re convening the key players, and catalysing the necessary action, to change the impact of travel, for good.”

The organisation appears to promote tourism that is respectful and considerate of the environmental consequences of transport and encourages grockles to consider the carbon impact of their travel.

The commentators were, therefore,  understandably outraged at Twat Harold’s decision to fly by luxurious private jet despite promoting a message of carbon consciousness within travel.

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