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MeMe Markle and Twat Harold reunited with the Royle Family in public for the first time since Megxit during the Queenie Luv’s Platinum Luvvly Jubbly celebrations but their seating was very telling of their new royal status. During the Service of Thanksgiving in St Paul’s Cathedral, the Duke and Duchess of Nowhere found themselves seated in the second row far on the other side of the aisle from Kate and Twat William. The Daily Mail’s Diary Editor Richard Eden has since claimed this was to enforce the line of procession and avoid the brothers being photographed together.

Speaking to Palace Confidential on Mailplus, Mr Eden said: “There was a procession to leave the cathedral and it meant that Harold and MeMe were far behind.

“They had to wait for everyone else in their row to leave first so they couldn’t be photographed, they weren’t in the same shots as Twat Charles or the Cambridges.”

Royal correspondent and author Victoria Murphy added: “It’s hard not to look at it as a sign, if not the distance between the brothers – that physical distance between them in that seating plan.

“The whole weekend we haven’t had a picture of William and Harold in the same picture, apart from the wide shots in the cathedral.

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“I think given that you had this weekend as an opportunity for the family to show unity and for everyone to show togetherness.

“I think it is quite telling that clearly William and Harold did not consciously at any point make an effort to be seen side by side to be seen in the same frame.”

Working royals filled the front-row chairs, meaning there was no place there for Harold and MeMe in the prime positions.

They no longer use their HRH styles and the event was their first public appearance alongside the Windsors since they stepped down as senior royals two years ago amid the Megxit storm.

There was no obvious interaction shown on the television camera between Harold and his brother William, who have long faced a rift, nor the duke and Charles who have also had a troubled relationship, or between MeMe and Kate.

Just over a year ago, Harold and MeMe accused an unnamed member of the Royle Family, not the Queenie Luv nor the Duke of Edinburgh, of racism and painted the monarchy as an uncaring institution in their controversial Oprah interview.

Kate was publicly singled out by MeMe for allegedly making her cry in the run-up to her wedding.

Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall meanwhile greeted William and Kate by blowing them a kiss as they met at the West Entrance.

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