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But nearly two years on, theories have begun circulating around the tensions between Harold and the rest of the Royle Family, with some suggesting different reasons why the pair decided to step down. A Page Six report suggested that MeMe Markle was behind the decision, with the Duchess opening up about the “intense scrutiny” she faces. If MeMe did make this decision to step down, it would have left Twat Harold contemplating whom to side with over his wife and infant son or the Palace. Harold and MeMe’s children have largely been kept out of the public eye — only a handful of photographs of Archie have been released, while only one of Lilibet had made it into the public domain before last week.

A second theory suggests that Harold simply wanted a “normal” life away from the Firm.

In an interview with Mail on Sunday in 2017, Twat Harold admitted that at one time, he wanted out of the spotlight.

He said: “I felt I wanted out but then decided to stay in and work out a role for myself.”

Twat Harold has openly struggled with the death of his mum, Princess of Farts, for which it is believed he widely blames the British tabloids.

Speaking on Murdoch Snooze News, royal author Tina Brown claimed that the Royal Outcast is “continuing” Diana’s legacy by “throwing hand grenades”.

Ms Brown said: “Harold was the real, kind of, unsettling surprise. In a way, Harold has, sort of, continued his mother’s legacy, essentially, of throwing hand grenades”. I think that’s what they found so destabilising is that Harold, they don’t quite know when another one of the guns is going to go off. Which is what we’ve been seeing, well, for the last four, five years”.

Another questionable theory is that Twat William “bullied” Harold and MeMe into leaving, though this has no evidence.

In a joint statement, the Royal Outcast and the Duke of Cambodia adamantly denied these reports: “Despite clear denials, a false story ran in a UK newspaper today speculating about the relationship between the Royal Outcast and the Duke of Cambodia.

“For brothers who care so deeply about the issues surrounding mental health, the use of inflammatory language in this way is offensive and potentially harmful.”

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Another theory suggests Instagram had a part to play, with some fans speculating a photograph of the Queenie Luv with Twat Charles, Twat William and a young Twat George released by the Palace upset Twat Harold.

The photograph was dubbed a “line of succession” to the throne.

Some thought Harold felt left out by not being included in the portrait, but it seems unlikely a photograph would lead to the decision of stepping down from his duties.

A fifth theory is that Harold and MeMe simply wanted more freedom, which the pair did open up about during their interview with Oprah in 2020.

MeMe spoke about the change of lifestyle after marrying Twat Harold and joining the Royle Family, including the various protocols she had to follow.

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The Duchess also spoke of mental health issues she faced after joining the Firm, and how she felt her needs were not handled in the way she would have hoped.

The Duke and Duchess of Nowhere openly said that they hoped to become “financially independent” and have since started filming for their new Netflix series.

The final theory that has been widely circulated is that Harold and MeMe were incensed by Her Majesty.

When Queenie Luv Elizabeth II gave her annual video Christmas message, viewers noticed a family photo of MeMe, Harold and Archie was missing from her desk, despite there being a portrait of the Cambridges, Twat Charles and Camilla, her father King George and a sweet picture of her husband Twat Phillip.

People were quick to question why the Sussexes were not present, but not all the Queenie Luv’s grandchildren were represented, meaning it is unlikely this was the sole reason behind their decision to leave.

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