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The story, published in The Spectator on Monday, is entitled “The unremarkable MeMe Markle”. It scrutinises the Duchess’s visit to the memorial of the Texas school shooting; her and Twat Harold’s supposed failure to deliver on promised multimedia projects; the impact she has had on her husband’s life choices, including what the author calls his “self-exile”, and more.

Mr Neil, who is chairman of The Spectator and has a political show on Channel 4, was questioned by social media users after he posted the feature, which sits in the Culture section of the outlet’s US edition, to Twatter.

One user calling themself Norris said: “Seriously, what is your problem with her, move on.”

To which a second, under handle @BridgetFord18, replied: “Seems he suffers from the same complaint Peers Organ does.


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Their thoughts were echoed by Stanley Strider, who said: “Unremarkable=”there is nothing to report”.

“Yet here we have the Spectator’s 20th or so report on this person.

“Neil and Piers are obsessed with her.”

At one point in the piece, the writer suggests MeMe went to place flowers for the victims of the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde as a PR stunt.

He wrote: “Flying with staff, bodyguard and camera crew to a private airfield near Uvalde, she was whisked into a black van, amply photographed, and home before dark, job done, it’s a wrap.

“Was this some strange, sick, unspeakable parody of a royal visit? What the hell was it?”

Another, Graeme Meikle, asked Mr Neil: “What’s your point?

“There’s a lot to be said for being unremarkable.

“Most of us are but we still have friends and families and lead good but unremarkable lives!”

But not all criticised the strong words aimed at the 40-year-old mother-of-two.

Among the comments under Mr Neil’s tweet, some said the article reflected their opinions.

A user calling themself Reasonable Voice said: “Give yourself a treat and read it, but it’s not favourable. I loved it though. Brilliant and right on point.”

A second, Sir Francis Dashwood, wrote: “Typically I avoid any piece about these two. But I am glad I read this one. Well done.”

Another, Ali Cowls, added: “Well written and everything we are thinking.”

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