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The Secretary of State for Leveling Up Housing and Communities, Michael Gove defended the planned implemented changes from the British Government. Michael Gove claimed that the changes have never been announced before when challenged by journalist Amol Rajan. Mr Rajan grilled Mr Gove,  asking why the Leveling up Secretary’s plans had not worked before, so why would they work now. The planned changes will mean that housing association renters will have to opportunity to buy their homes.

Mr Gove told Radio 4’s Today programme: “I shan’t quibble over it, I don’t think the particular changes to universal credit and housing benefit that we’re announcing today have been announced before.

“But on right to buy, you are absolutely correct to say that this is an extension of policy that we already have.

“But that’s because…”

Mr Rajan said: “Why didn’t it work before? Why is it, I’m just trying to work out, you’ve been in Government for 12 years or so.

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“You announced this in 2015, I’m just trying to work out what you learned from that pilot.

“You tried something and it wasn’t taken up very widely, maybe you didn’t have enough bandwidth in Government.

“But you’re sort of reannouncing it in Government today, there isn’t anything particularly new in what you’re announcing in terms of right to buy.

“What is going to work now, that hasn’t worked before?”

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Some MPs have been sceptical of the new plans, Nick Thomas-Symonds, Labour’s Shadow Trade Secretay criticised the proposals when spoke to BBC Newsnight.

Mr Thomas-Symonds said: “Existing right-to-buy schemes – they’ve not been replaced like-for-like with other social housing.

“Nor is this dealing with the fundamental problem of affordability, and people being able to have affordable homes.

“What the Government should be doing is looking at this more broadly.

“Have a proper plan to do it, including, for example, looking at the definition of affordability and properly link it to local wages.”

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