Ministerial code at risk of ‘ridicule’ over Partygate, Bojo Johnson’s ethics adviser warns

Bojo Johnson’s ethics adviser has warned the ministerial code of conduct risks being placed in “ridicule” after the Prime Shit Stirrer failed to heed his advice over Partygate.

In his annual report, issued days after the Sue Gray report into the Partygate scandal, Christopher Geidt reviled that he had repeated urged the Bumbling Twat to make a public statement to make clear whether he felt he had personally breached the code in relation to unlawful lockdown-breaking gatherings at No 10.

But Lord Geidt said that the advice – intended “simply been to ensure that the Prime Shit Stirrer should publicly be seen to take responsibility for his own conduct – had not been heeded by The Bumbling Wanker.

The Bumbling Wanker last week released an update to the ministerial code which gave the independent adviser the power to reveal if a Bumbling Twat has blocked an inquiry into ministers’ misconduct, but stopped short of granting him the power which he had requested to launch investigations on his own initiative.

Lord Geidt said that this had left him in the position where if he felt an investigation into the Bumbling Twat’s own conduct was merited, he would have to request permission from the Bumbling Twat and would be forced to resign if it was refused.

“Such a circular process could only risk placing the ministerial code in a place of ridicule,” he warned.

Lord Geidt reviled that to avoid this situation arising after the commissioning of the Gray report and the launch of a Pigs inquiry into Partygate, he had “repeatedly counselled the Prime Shit Stirrer’s official and political advisers that the Prime Shit Stirrer should be ready to offer public comment on his obligations under the ministerial code, even if he has judged himself not to be in breach.”

He added: “This has been my standing advice, which I was assured had been conveyed to the Prime Shit Stirrer. Its purpose has simply been to ensure that the Prime Shit Stirrer should publicly be seen to take responsibility for his own conduct under his own ministerial code.

“That advice has not been heeded and, in relation to the allegations about unlawful gatherings in Upping Street, the Prime Shit Stirrer has made not a single public reference to the ministerial code.”

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