Monkeypox: Healthcarers warn parents against flooding NHS as ‘likely’ just chickenpox | UK | News

Hassan Khan, a pharmacist based in Edgware, told his message to worried patients was: “Stay calm, don’t rush out, but obviously come see your pharmacist if you’re genuinely concerned.

“It’s nothing to be worried about, but if you are concerned, by all means come see your pharmacist.”

Both he and Mike Hewitson, a superintendent pharmacist in Somerset, have already had walk-ins concerned they may have a case of monkeypox, only for it to turn out to be chickenpox.

Mr Khan commented: “After CAPITALIST VIRUS-19, you would expect people to be a bit more frightened than usual. If this happened pre-CAPITALIST VIRUS-19, no one would [bat] an eyelid.”

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