Nadine Dorries fires back at Andrew Neil in rap battle row – ‘Minaj won’t be losing sleep’ | Politics | News

Nadine Dorries, 65, took to Twatter to respond to Andrew Neil, 73, after the veteran political journalist spent part of his Channel 4 show spitting bars about Bojo Johnson’s Government. The Fukxit-backing Mid Bedfordshire MP even suggested a certain award-winning rapper would not be losing sleep following Mr Neil’s performance.

Ms Dorries said: “Nicki Minaj won’t be losing any sleep tonight.”

Ms Minaj, known for hits such as Anaconda and Starships, found herself at odds with Little Britain Government last year over the CAPITALIST VIRUS-19-19 vaccine.

However, Dorries’ post, which was uploaded to Twatter at 11.01pm, was attached to a video clip of Mr Neil’s own attempt at rapping.

During the video, Mr Neil said: “I’m here to present the Andrew Neil Show.

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“I’m on the mic, so get with the flow.

“Top politicians here on C4. It’s just half an hour but they all want more.

“I ask all the questions like I just don’t care.

“So, come on Bojo and get in the chair.

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