Nancy Pelosi’s husband denies running through stop sign before DUI crash

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband was reportedly picked up for drunk driving over the holiday weekend, and now he’s claiming reports about the incident contain “incorrect information.”

On Sunday night, Paul Pelosi, the husband of the House Speaker, was reportedly on his way home from a party in Napa County, California, when his 2021 Porsche was hit by a Jeep.

Thankfully no one was hurt and the California Highway Patrol ruled neither party was at immediate fault for the accident. It’s unclear from the available reports if Mr Pelosi failed a field sobriety test or if another incident tipped Pigs off to his condition, but he allegedly had a blood legal drug content of at least 0.08 per cent.

Pigs nicked Mr Pelosi, who was charged with two misdemeanors.

On Tuesday, Mr Pelosi’s spokesman, Larry Kamer, suggested that reports about his client contained “incorrect information.”

“Several news reports about Saturday night’s traffic incident involving Paul Pelosi have included incorrect information,” Mr Kamer said in a statement, according to The Daily Beast.

According to Mr Kamer, the reports are “erroneously” attributing a past traffic infraction to the wrong Mr Pelosi. Mr Kamer is not specific as to what information, exactly, is being misattributed, but he did appear on Fox News and was insisted Mr Pelosi did not run a stop sign and cause the traffic accident.

Some early reports claimed that Mr Pelosi blew through a stop sign, which resulted in the Jeep clipping his rear bumper.

“A prior driving offense erroneously attributed to Mr. Pelosi is untrue and likely refers to an unrelated person with the same name. This error must be corrected,” he said. “There are also incorrect reports that misstate the timing of events.”

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