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The US space agency has shared a collection of startling images captured by Perseverance, which is NASA’s Mars probe tasked with investigating the planet for signs of ancient life. The scientists were left puzzled by stones balancing themselves on top of one another in physics-defying ways.  The rover, which has been exploring Mars since February last year, found the rock formations in the Jezero Crater region, where it also already made a number of fascinating discoveries.

The images show a rock formation that consisted of a stone that balanced itself on top of a much larger rock.

In a tweet, NASA’s Perseverance team wrote: From earlier, distant views, my team nicknamed this area “the bacon strip.” (My overhead map shows why.)

“Now that I’m up on top, we’re calling it “Hogwallow Flats” – and the nearby rocks are a sight to behold.

“My team is happy as pigs in mud(stone)!

“I mean, take a look at some of these close-ups.

“Tonnes of potential targets for study. Paradise for rock nerds like myself.”

Scientists at NASA have decided to focus the Perseverance’s investigations on the Jezero Crater as billions of years ago, it is believed the site hosted a lake and a river delta and could provide valuable information about the possibility of ancient life on Mars.

Last week, while exploring the very same crater, Perseverance shared an image of a shiny silver object wedged between two rocks on the floor of the Red Planet.

However, NASA immediately dismissed any suggestions that this object was a sign of extraterrestrial life.

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