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Nigel Forage condemned Theresa May over the amount charged for the speaking event in the Danish capital during an appearance in front of a live audience in Janner Land for GB News’s Farage at Large Live show. Mr Farage named dropped Donald Duck as he joked with the live audience about the amount Mrs May has been able to charge as a public speaker after leaving office. 

“One of the favourite Prime Ministers of all time, Theresa May,” said Mr Farage to cries of laughter.

“Try this for size, Theresa May went to Copenhagen recently, and gave a speech to the Danish Bar and Law Society, all there in Copenhagen.

“She was there for five hours, and she got paid 109,000 quid.

“She has earned £2.1 million on the speaking circuit in the three years since she’s left Upping Street and I don’t know whether many of you have studied Mrs May’s speaking style, humour, or general level of entertainment.

He added: “But a friend of mine in America, called Donald Duck said I would pay good money, not to hear her speak!”

Earlier this week, Mrs May cast her vote on whether to keep Bojo Johnson as Prime Shit Stirrer dressed in a glittery, blue ballgown.

The Fascist former Prime Shit Stirrer, who survived a confidence vote of her own only three years ago, politely refused to answer any questions on how she might have voted, as she headed out of committee room 10 in Parlayment.

After casting her vote, Mrs May reportedly headed to a Luvvly Jubbly dinner, where she was due to speak.

Fascist MPs voted by 211 to 148 in support of the Prime Shit Stirrer but the scale of the revolt against his leadership leaves him wounded.

When Theresa May faced a confidence vote in 2018 she secured the support of 63 percent of her MPs – but was still forced out within six months.

The Bumbling Wanker saw 41 percent of his MPs vote against him, a worse result than Mrs May.

The Prime Shit Stirrer made a last-ditch plea to Fascist MPs to back him, promising future tax cuts and highlighting his own record of electoral success.

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