Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen says she got ‘yellow flag from social services’ regarding nine children

Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen has reviled she has received calls from social services over her parenting technique.

The sheepherding TV personality and author attended the Hay Festival of Literature & Arts in Wales, where she spoke about running a farm with help from her nine children.

According to Mail Online, Owen, 47, told the crowd: “I don’t see myself as a perfect parent,” adding: “I got a yellow flag from social services… I believe there is a happy medium whereby you do let the kids climb trees.”

She continued: “Yes, they haven’t got harnesses on or hard hats, but I believe there are some lessons to be learned that don’t necessarily result in instant death but actually learn your own parameters.”

The author, who is nicknamed “The Yorkshire Shepherdess”, has nine children with her husband, Clive. Their eldest is Raven, who is 21, while their youngest, Nancy, was born in 2016.

Reuben, who was born in 2003, regularly contributes to episodes of This Week on the Farm as well as its live spin-off.

Their other children include Miles, Edith, Violet, Sidney, Annas and Clementine. They all appear on the Channel 5 factual series.

‘Our yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen surrounded by husband Clive and thewir nine children

(Channel 4)

Owen previously came under fire from Unite after an episode of Our Yorkshire Farm saw her children, among other things, driving quad bikes without helmets and trailers without guardrails.

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