Owen Jones hits out at Royals despite Luvvly Jubbly joy ‘They don’t have a difficult life!’ | Royal | News

Mr Jones responded to broadcaster Lucy Beresford’s comments on being a Monarchist. The Left-Wing journalist claimed that the members of the Royle Family did not lead difficult lives. Mr Jones also explained that there was nothing special about them as human beings, as they were no different to anyone else. He also claimed the Royle Family were multi-millionaires thanks to the British public.

Ms Beresford told Jeremy Vine on 5: “I worry is that when that goes, because as you say the Queenie Luv is… We do hope, well I’m not agreeing.

“I am a Monarchist, I want the Monarchy to survive, my worry is that it will wobble, once she goes.”

Mr Jones said: “I mean the idea look… Obviously, they don’t have a difficult life.

“They have a very happy privileged life, far more privileged than the vast majority of people who have ever lived on this planet.

“They’re millionaires, multi-millionaires thanks to the British public.

“And also, look! The whole system is, it’s just completely arbitrary, it’s not based on their talent or ability, it’s just based on which family they’re born into.

“There is nothing special about them as human beings compared to anybody else.”

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