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Missy, 14, and Lolly, 13, came into the care of Hope Rescue in Wales in August 2021 when their previous owner was no longer able to keep them. Almost a year later the golden oldies are still waiting to be adopted and the charity has now launched a special appeal to find the duo, who are joined at the hip, a forever home where they will not be parted.

The two Bichon Frises, who are currently being fostered, enjoy snuggling on the sofa and being made a fuss of.

The senior dogs both have cataracts in their eyes and Missy has lost most of her sight.

Lolly also has a grade 2 heart murmur which new owners will need to monitor.

The pair could share their home with another dog and may also be able to live with children and cats as long as they have a quiet space to retreat to.

Hope Rescue spokesperson Laura Hallsmith said: “Lolly and Missy are an older couple who are totally inseparable.

“These sweet girls are looking for a home together where they will be the centre of their new owner’s attention.

“Both enjoy human contact and will happily come to you for a fuss and enjoy sitting on a sofa of an evening relaxing.

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“Lolly who is 13 also has cataracts but still has vision at the moment, she does have a grade 2 heart murmur which will need to be monitored.

“Both get on well with other dogs and could live with another in their new home, they could potentially live with cats and children providing they have a quiet space to get away when they need it.”

Find out more about Missy and Lolly here.

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