Palestine Action celebrates its first birthday by occupying Israeli arms firm’s London HQ

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Activists from Palestine Action (PA) have occupied the London HQ of Israel arms firm Elbit Systems. Arriving on the morning of 6 August, the group quickly blocked the entrance to the firm’s offices. They also sprayed red paint around the site to symbolise the oppression of Palestinians by Israel.

PA was founded one year ago this week. In its press release, PA said that 105 days of that year had been spent occupying Elbit Systems sites or locations where Elbit components were made.

The group tweeted a video of members on a rooftop above the building entrance.

Death dealers

Elbit is Israel’s largest arms firms. Large parts of its infrastructure is based in the UK. In its press release, PA said:

The action taken today, as with all actions by Palestine Action, has been taken in order to end the supply of UK made arms, drones, munitions and military technology to Israel.

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Elbit technology also sells weapons to other repressive governments around the world, PA said:

This tech, manufactured at Elbit’s 10 sites across the UK, is sold to Israel for the express purpose of repressing, brutalising, and killing Palestinian people. After being “battle-tested” (in Elbit’s words) on Palestinian civilians, it is then sold on the global market to some of the world’s most repressive regimes.

But hindering Elbit isn’t all that PA has done. It says it’s forced the firm to increase spending on security to keep PA activists out – a move which doesn’t seem to have worked very well so far.

Featured image via Palestine Action

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