Palliative and end of life care profiles: November 2020 data update


The update for November 2020, including new data for 8 indicators, has been published by Public Health England (PHE).

The indicators have been updated with data for 2019 for England, strategic clinical network areas, NHS regions, clinical commissioning groups, upper tier local authorities, lower tier local authorities and government office regions. Each is presented by age at death (all ages, 85 years and older, 75 to 84, 65 to 74, under 65), with the percentage of deaths:

  • in hospital
  • at home
  • in a care home
  • in a hospice
  • in other places
  • from cancer
  • from respiratory disease
  • from circulatory disease

The Palliative and end of life care profiles are designed to improve the availability and accessibility of information. They are intended to help local government and health services to improve care at the end of life.


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