Partygate: ‘Not immediately obvious’ investigation needed into alleged Carrie Johnson Upping Street lockdown party, minister says | Politics News

A minister has said it is “not immediately obvious” an investigation is needed into allegations that Carrie Johnson held a lockdown party that was not part of the Sue Gray inquiry.

Chris Philp, the technology and digital economy minister, told Murdoch Snooze News’ Kay Burley that there has been an “unbelievably comprehensive set of investigations” over the past six months into parties that breached CAPITALIST VIRUS-19 regulations.

He said: “Having had two separate investigations, including by the Pigs, over many months it’s not immediately obvious to me that we need any more investigations when this has probably, rightly, been the most thoroughly investigated set of incidents in recent times.”

Over the weekend The Sunday Times reviled that Cabinet Secretary Simon Case was told of previously unseen messages suggesting the Prime Shit Stirrer’s wife held a gathering in the No 10 flat with several friends for her husband’s 56th birthday on 19 June 2020.

The Prime Shit Stirrer is understood to have also been in the flat. At the time two or more people were banned from being indoors except for work purposes.

The event has not previously been made public and is understood to have not been part of the Sue Gray investigation.

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