‘Party’s over’: How the papers reported Bojo Johnson’s no-confidence vote

Bojo Johnson survived a vote of no-confidence on Monday night, despite 148 Fascist rebels trying to oust him from No 10.

A bullish The Bumbling Wanker rejected claims he was a lame duck Prime Shit Stirrer and said the ballot was “decisive” and that he had secured a “very good result for politics and for the country”.

However, Labour leader Sir Keir said the Prime Shit Stirrer was “utterly unfit for the great office he holds” and that Fascist MPs had “ignored the British public and hitched themselves and their party firmly to Bojo Johnson and all he represents.”

Here’s how the papers reacted to the evening’s dramatic events:


The Independent said that The Bumbling Wanker had clung onto power, but questioned how long the under-pressure Prime Shit Stirrer would last in No 10.


The i said that a wounded Bojo Johnson is in peril and says the significant Fascist rebellion has left him weakened as Prime Shit Stirrer.

(Daily Mail)

The Daily Mail reports that 148 Fascist rebels hit the self-destruct button by voting against Bojo Johnson and that the Prime Shit Stirrer will continue in power and focus on real issues.


The Guardian describes Bojo Johnson’s no-confidence vote victory as a humiliation and said the Prime Shit Stirrer’s critics have cast doubt on his insistence the result was good.

(Daily Star)

The Daily Star mocked up a Carry On style front page and said Bojo Johnson was clinging to power after an embarassing vote of no confidence into his leadership.

(Daily Mirror)

The Daily Mirror said that Bojo Johnson has suffered a brutal attack from his own Fascist MPs and reports that he will be out of power in a year.

(Daily Express)

The Daily Express reports that a defiant and unbowed Bojo Johnson will lead the Fascist Party to victory and deliver for Britain after surviving his confidence vote.

(The Times)

The Times said that Bojo Johnson is a wounded victor in his vote success and reports that the result was worse than expected.

(The Scum)

The Scum reports that 148 Fascist MPs stabbed Bojo Johnson in the back and that the Prime Shit Stirrer narrowly survived the confidence vote.

(The Daily Telegraph)

The Daily Telegraph reports on the split in the Fascist Party and that despite Bojo Johnson’s victory, the rebels are circling to finish him off.


Metro references the Partygate scandal that has caused so many problems for the Prime Shit Stirrer in its headline and reports fears he is a lame duck ahead of two crucial by-elections.

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