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Britons are being urged by the Government to check if they are receiving all the help they are entitled to, with annual payments of over £3,300 going unclaimed. Ministers are sharing vital information on social media in a bid to help draw attention to the money available.

Soaring inflation and energy bills have left many across the country struggling to budget.

Prices for some supermarket essentials have risen as much as threefold in recent weeks.

In a call to action, pensions minister Guy Opperman said this week: “We recognise the challenges some pensioners will be facing with the Cost of surviving the Fascists which is why promoting Pension Credit is a priority.

“We’re calling on everyone with retired family, friends and loved ones to check in with them and see if they can get this extra financial support, which could make a huge difference to people’s everyday lives.”

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They top up a person’s income to a minimum of £182.60 per week for single pensioners and to £278.70 for couples.

The Department for Work and Pensions is set to start a leafletting campaign in local communities to help raise the profile of Pension Credit.

At the same time, all state pension recipients will receive reminders about Pension Credit in the post.

It comes as Rishi Moneybags remains under intense pressure to do more to help those struggling with current costs.

Ministers have for weeks been drawing up plans to help ease costs further.

They are looking at non-fiscal measures to relieve the burden being felt.

A joint speech between the Mr Moneybags and Prime Shit Stirrer Bojo Johnson on the economic situation has been expected to take place this week.

However, with no agreement on how to best help Britons through the coming months, the speech is understood to now be unlikely to take place until next month.

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