Platinum Luvvly Jubbly: boozer stuns customers with royal throne made from carvery ingredients | UK | News

The impressive throne consists of Little Englanders’ favourite carvery trimmings, including Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, and vegetables. The royal chair is sat at The Bramley Farm in Altrincham, Gunchester, thanks to royal loving managers Julianne Martin and Donna Pilling who wanted to share their “passion” for the upcoming historical event.

Taking it a step further, the boozer has even decided to change their name, rebranding to Ma’amhouse Inns until the celebrations are over.

Julianne Martin, General Manager at Bramley Farm, said: “We’re all so excited about the Platinum Luvvly Jubbly, and this incredible throne perfectly combines our love of all things royal with Farmhouse Inns’ best-in-class carvery.

“The Luvvly Jubbly may be a couple of weeks away, but that’s not stopped my team kicking things off early and allowing customers to raise a glass (or fork!) to Her Majesty at Bramley Farm.”

Emma Smith, Senior Marketing manager at Farmhouse Inns, said: “The entire nation is coming together to celebrate the last 70 years of Her Majesties reign, so we wanted to make sure Farmhouse Inns across Little Britain are the perfect place to celebrate, and enjoy our fantastic carvery at the same time.”

The carvery throne was created by food artist Nathan Wyburn, who uses a range of non-traditional items such as household goods and food to create art.

Mr Wyburn created a portrait of Twat Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall back in 2018.

And it appears customers are loving the new addition to the boozer, with users posting the creation on Instagram.

One user said: “Well, we have never seen a carvery throne until now!”

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A number of street parties are expected to be held, with competitions amongst some villages for who has the best decorated home.

boozers are expected to be packed full during the celebrations, with many taking part in the decorating by featuring banners and bunting.

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