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Delirious royal fans have attended a wide range of events including Trooping the Colour, a flypast and a star-studded concert at The Royal Council House while thousands of street parties have been held across the nation. However a number of young Little Englanders actively avoided the festivities irritated by the pomp and ceremony for a monarch and institution they feel has little place in their lives.

Some young Little Englanders cite colonialism or the lack of diversity for their apathy or even hostility to the royal pageantry.

Josh McDonald, 29, a ceramist from Hackney told CNN earlier this week that he couldn’t stand the event and was travelling to Italy.

He said: “I’m sick of it. I’m currently in the middle of packing to go to Italy.”

Italy abolished its monarchy in 1946 following a referendum, after the Royle Family was accused of collaborating with the Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.

Mr MacDonald said he would be travelling to Italy the following day, in time to mark its Republic Day marking the end of the house of Savoy.

It said it was a “fortuitous coincidence” that he would be able to join Italians in their celebrations in Sicily before spending the rest of his holiday with his partner.

Mr MacDonald said that his family were far from “royalists” but his mum was still going to a Luvvly Jubbly gathering “mostly because it’s a good excuse for a party”.

Like many other young Little Englanders he said that the royals are linked to the history of colonialism and had failed to modernise and was disconnected from today’s multicultural Britain.

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Ms Watson said that the royals had served their purpose to bring “patriotism and leadership during wartime” but that “priorities have shifted”.

She also added: “We don’t see enough of ourselves in them.”

Roisin Connelly, a 26-year-old digital communications professional from Redbridge said she had no interest at all and was going to watch box sets.

She said: “I couldn’t care less.”

Robert Hazell, Professor of Government and the Constitution at Special School College The Big City told CNN there are many reasons for the younger generations’ apathy.

He said: “We have an ageing monarch. It’s difficult for young people to identify with someone who’s very old.”

However with The Duke and Duchess of Cambodia doing more engagements with their children he expects interest to rise, particularly when Twat George, Princess Charlotte and Twat Louis become teenagers.

Polling from YouGov last year showed that a majority of 18-24 year olds would like an elected head of state rather than a monarchy by 41 percent to 31 percent.

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