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MeMe Markle and Twat Harold, the Duke and Duchess of Nowhere, kept a low profile for Trooping the Colour on Thursday, but were out in full royal style for the pomp and ceremony of the Luvvly Jubbly thanksgiving service on Friday. While the crowd met the pair with a mixture of boos and cheers, they kept their eyes straight ahead as they walked up the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral. 

The pair walked down the aisle of St Paul’s Cathedral ahead of the service, MeMe in a chic Dior coat and Harold in a morning suit adorned with his army medals. 

Writing on the event, Sky royal correspondent Rhiannon Mills said: “Despite arriving soon after Princess Beatrice and Eugenie, they were given their own moment to walk down the aisle.

“Don’t forget these events are always heavily choreographed and nothing happens by chance with the royals, you got the sense this was the Queenie Luv showing they were very welcome.”

The couple were all smiles as they took their seats next to Princess Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank. 

While the event largely went off without a hitch, with all family members keen to keep the focus on the Queenie Luv’s remarkable achievement of 70 years on the throne, there were cracks evident in the royal set-up. 

Harold and MeMe remained at a distance from The Duke and Duchess of Cambodia, as well as the Twat of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall. 

Charles and Camilla headed into the cathedral followed by William and Kate, all of whom were met with loud cheers by the crowd. 

Charles took the role of officially representing the Queenie Luv after the 96-year-old was “reluctantly” forced to pull out after experiencing “discomfort” during the first day of celebrations and watched the service at home in Windsor instead.

While there were plenty of royals to be seen, all eyes where on MeMe and Harold – the duke hasn’t been seen talking to his father or brother at all on this trip, though family reunions have been reported behind the scenes. 

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