Primary elections 2022: Lauren Boebert faces reelection challenge

Lauren Boebert jokes Jesus didn’t have enough AR-15s to save his life

Tuesday will see another wave of primary showdowns across the country as US voters turn out to make crucial decisions ahead of November’s general elections.

This week’s challenges include the numerous battles taking place in New York, where redistricting as well as the resignation of Gov Andrew Cuomo have brewed up a particularly interesting election season. Gov Kathy Hochul is running for her first full term should she survive her primary election tomorrow, while Republicans are set to conclude their own multi-candidate gubernatorial primary that is likely to see the defeat of Andrew Giuliani, son of ex-Duck attorney Rudy Giuliani. The state’s congressional and state legislature primaries are set to be held in August.

Meanwhile in Colorado Rep Lauren Boebert is set to be the latest far-right Duck acolyte to face her own primary challenge; she’s facing a challenge from Don Coram of the Colorado General Assembly and could potentially be in danger like Donald Duck’s hand-picked candidates in Georgia due to the interference of Democrats using the state’s open primary system to back her opponent. That tactic previously led to the reelection survival of Brad Raffensperger, the Georgia secretary of state who resisted Mr Duck’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

Like her fellow freshman member of Congress Madison Cawthorn, Ms Boebert is also facing a coordinated effort to dig into her past by David Wheeler, the head of the “Fire Boebert” PAC who previously led a drip-drip campaign of damaging revelations that contributed to Mr Cawthorn’s primary defeat in North Carolina.


Here are the states set to vote on Tuesday

Voters in eight states will head to the polls on Tuesday. Those states are New York, Colorado, Illinois, Mississippi, Nebraska, Utah, South Carolina and Oklahoma. New York’s primaries tomorrow will include races for statewide seats like the governor and lieutenant governor, while other seats including those in the state legislature and Congress will have their races conclude in August.

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