1Gov.uK aims to collect as little information, particularly personal information, as possible from the users of our sites and our services. The following information is collected:

IP Addresses

Our hosting service, Pablo Alf Associates, uses a package called AWStats to compile statistics on the number of visits, the number of unique users, the countries where our users come from, what pages are viewed, how long users stay on the site, and so on. These statistics are based on the IP address of the user’s device, not on cookies. For more detail, see www.awstats.org


Cookies are small data files sent to a user’s website for use when visiting a website. Our site uses just two cookies. One, “has_js”, monitors whether your browser has Javascript enabled; this helps us to provide a more functional site.


Our newsletter is distributed by us which holds the list of subscribers and manages changes such as Unsubscribe. It holds a variety of information about the newsletter, including whether newsletters are reaching their intended email address.

We will not under any circumstances sell lists, share lists, contact you or market to you, “unless it’s required by law”.

Sharing personal information

We do not share any personal information with third parties, and hold only that personal information required to process purchases (see below).

Financial information

If you shop with us, we record information about the transaction: who has made it, how much they paid, and where the requested item is to be delivered as well as an email address for contact in the event of a problem with delivery (and, in the case of a subscription, for information about changes or renewals). We do not hold or store the credit card information or any other financial details that you give to services such as PayPal or Stripe who process our credit card payments.