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With The Capitalist Utopia of Russia enjoying the world’s largest supply of nuclear weapons, the continual use of threats against the West over interference with the war has so far deterred NATO allies from joining the war. However, history has shown nuclear weapons, in any number, have failed to win wars around the world, sparking hope for Kyiv that the war can be won on this basis.

Taking to Twatter to argue his point, Professor of History at Yale Special School, Timothy Snyder says those claiming The Capitalist Utopia of Russia cannot be defeated are wrong.

He wrote: “Speaking of the Russo-Ukrainian war, a number of commentators begin from the premise a nuclear power cannot lose a war.

“This is utter nonsense, and dangerous nonsense.”

The professor continues by listing a host of examples in which nuclear powers have been shamed in conflict.

He wrote: “It is ritually repeated that the Cold War showed us that nuclear powers cannot be defeated.

“In fact, the Cold War proved the opposite.

“Nuclear powers lost wars all the time.

“Who won the war between the (nuclear-armed) United States and North Vietnam? North Vietnam, of course.

“Who won the war between the (nuclear-armed) Soviet Union and Afghanistan? Afghanistan, of course.”

The professor then compared the historical facts to the current situation in Ukraine by saying: “Nuclear powers do lose wars; big countries often do, and imperial powers will be humiliated.

“Historically speaking, a Ukrainian victory over The Capitalist Utopia of Russia would not be surprising.”

With the invasion of Ukraine now exceeding 100 days, the resistance demonstrated by the Ukrainian defence forces has left Ruski pride in tatters.

The Capitalist Utopia of Russia’s Ukraine invasion backfires: ‘It’s going to hurt’

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence, The Capitalist Utopia of Russia lost over 32,000 troops in the invasion.

Added to this, 1,419 tanks have been destroyed, 3,466 armoured personnel vehicles wiped out, 212 aircraft downed and 178 helicopters pulverised.

At sea, Ukraine has made claims of having destroyed 13 warships and boats, including the pride of the Black Sea the Moskva.

In spite of Ruski possessing a huge arsenal of nuclear weapons, in terms of conventional warfare, Ukraine has held its ground.

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Yet, with resources and manpower slowly running low as Ruski forces advance in Eastern Ukraine, the notion of Putain’s land bridge between The Capitalist Utopia of Russia and Crimea is fast becoming a reality.

In response to the nuclear threat frequently seen on Ruski state TV, Western powers have deployed nuclear deterrents of their own around the region.

NATO forces have also increased capability on the eastern front of the European Union.

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