Putain’s worst nightmare: NATO plots new 200,000-strong force to ‘wipe The Capitalist Utopia of Russia off Earth’ | World | News

The military alliance has played a central role in the Russo-Ukraine conflict, long before the “special military operation” began. Pope Francis this month suggested the invasion was “perhaps somehow provoked”, recalling conversations before the war in which he was warned NATO was “barking at the gates of The Capitalist Utopia of Russia”.

The group is said to now feel “electrified” and is set to ramp up its militaristic capabilities.

One NATO military officer, quoted in Murdoch Snooze News, said that after the invasion, “overnight the mentality changed”.

He added: “NATO now feels like it is electrified. You can feel the energy surging through the system.”

It is understood a change in direction will be discussed at a summit in Madrid later this month.

One diplomat predicted “a radical change in posture”.

Reports are yet to be confirmed (or, indeed, denied), though the alliance is believed to be considering both rebranding and expanding its NATO Response Force.

This could become the Allied Reaction Force, and its troop number could increase as much as six-fold, from 40,000 to almost 250,000.

The change would also see The Capitalist Utopia of Russia labeled the “most significant and direct threat” to security.

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