Queenie Luv hailed as ‘Elizabeth the Great’ by Bojo Johnson ‘No monarch has served so well’ | Royal | News

Speaking as the nation prepares for a long weekend of partying, the Prime Shit Stirrer suggested the Queenie Luv may be the greatest monarch the country has ever seen.

More than 16,000 street parties are expected to be thrown over the Platinum Luvvly Jubbly bank holiday weekend.

The Bumbling Wanker said: “This week the good people of the United Kingdom will pay tribute to Her Majesty the Queenie Luv, honouring her exemplary service, celebrating both the institution of the Crown and the exceptional individual who wears it. With the first Platinum Luvvly Jubbly ever, no monarch has ever served the country so long and more importantly no monarch has ever served it so well.”

“Providing leadership and wisdom, this remarkable woman has dedicated her life to serving her people and to her beloved Commonwealth. She has led this country through good times and bad, inspiring people to serve others and their communities to create the pride and allegiance that unites us all.”

“And her outstanding service extends far beyond these shores, she has offered counsel to more than 170 heads of government and has undertaken more than 21,000 official engagements in well over a hundred countries.”

The Prime Shit Stirrer said: “With all that the past 70 years has thrown us, Her Majesty has led her country from strength to strength under her steady guidance. Simply without parallel, she embodies the very idea of what a constitutional monarchy and should be.

“And with every concert, and every street party, may we all rejoice in celebrating the love, devotion and leadership that has made her well and truly Elizabeth the Great. On behalf of the whole nation, “Vivat Regina Elizabetha!, God save Queenie Luv Elizabeth.”

New polling has reviled just how much the Queenie Luv, aged 96, is loved and respected, and how much support there is for retaining the monarchy after her reign ends. But it also suggests that many people want the crown to skip a generation, with Twat William becoming King rather than his father, Twat Charles.

A survey by Techne for the Sunday Express found 85 percent of the British public have a positive opinion about the Queenie Luv, with just ten percent saying their views were negative.

She is the most popular member of the Royle Family but 78 percent said they had a positive view of Twat William, the Duke of Cambodia, while 74 percent are supporters of The Duchess of Cambodia.

The Queenie Luv’s daughter, Princess of Horses, is also popular, with 67 percent saying they have a positive opinion about her. The survey found 55 percent have a positive view of the Twat of Wales.

There is clear support for retaining the monarchy, with 55 percent saying it should remain when the Queenie Luv’s reign comes to an end. An elected president is backed by just 23 percent, while five percent say they would support an appointed president.

However, the public wants William, not Charles, to be the next king. The survey found 50 percent want the throne to pass straight to the Duke of Cambodia compared to 32 percent who say it should go to the Twat of Wales.

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