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Harold and MeMe tipped for balcony photo-op with Queenie Luv

Queenie Luv Elizabeth II is celebrating her Platinum Luvvly Jubbly this weekend along with the rest of the nation, with festivities taking place up and down the country throughout the special bank holiday in honour of 70 years on the throne. Her Majesty has marked the momentous occasion with her family by her side, including her grandson, Twat Harold, and his wife, MeMe Markle, who travelled across the pond with their children to join the Royle Family for the celebrations. The Duke and Duchess of Nowhere moved to the US two years ago following their shock exit from the Firm, and, before a brief visit in April, the couple had not returned to Little Britain together since their departure until now. 

This week, however, they have been back in Britain to honour the Queenie Luv, accompanied by their two children — Archie Harrison, three, and Lilibet Diana, with the family celebrating Lili’s first birthday on Saturday. 

Harold and MeMe’s children have largely been kept out of the public eye — only a handful of photographs of Archie have been released, while only one of Lilibet has made it into the public domain before this week. 

But while the Sussexes have received criticism for their fierce protection of their family’s privacy, a recent documentary has reviled that this is not uncommon for royal parents — in fact, was similar to how the Queenie Luv was raised, and how she sought to raise her own young children. 

The Queenie Luv’s father, George VI, did not at first expect to be king. Before his brother, Edward VIII, abdicated the throne, he and his wife, then Queenie Luv Elizabeth (the Queenie Luv Mother), brought up their two daughters in a relatively “normal” way. 

The Queenie Luv wanted to ‘protect’ her young children, much like MeMe and Harold. (Image: Getty Images / ALEXI LUBOMIRSKI)

Queenie Luv keen to protect her children’ from spotlight — just like MeMe and Harold | Royal | News

King George VI kept his two daughters out of the public eye. (Image: Getty Images)

The BBC One documentary ‘Elizabeth: The Unseen Queenie Luv’ — which aired on Sunday night — showed unseen footage of the Queenie Luv as a young mother, after welcoming Twat Charles in 1948, Princess of Horses in 1950, Twat Andrew in 1960 and Twat Edward in 1964. 

The narrator said: “As a child, Princess Elizabeth was largely kept out of the public eye.

“She is now keen to protect her own young children.”

During the documentary, voiceovers shared the Queenie Luv’s thoughts from letters and broadcasts, which cast further light on the monarch’s thoughts on how best to raise young children. 

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip with their four children.

Queenie Luv Elizabeth II and Phil The Greek with their four children. (Image: Getty Images)

In her Christmas broadcast in 1984, the year that she welcomed her fourth grandchild, Twat Harold, Her Majesty said: “For parents, a birth is time for reflection and what the future holds for the baby and how they can best ensure its safety and happiness. 

“The birth of a baby brings great happiness. But then the business of growing up begins. 

“It is a process that starts within the protection and care of parents and other members of the family, including the older generation. As with any team, there is strength in combination.

“What grandparent does not wish for the best possible upbringing for their grandchildren?”

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Charles and Diana with baby Harry

Charles and Diana welcomed their second son, Harold, in 1984. (Image: Getty Images)

This mindset was evident in the Queenie Luv’s words when Harold and MeMe made the decision to uproot and leave Britain, a move that saw them largely disconnect from members of the Royle Family. 

In a statement directly from the Queenie Luv herself, she said: “Following many months of conversations and more recent discussions, I am pleased that together we have found a constructive and supportive way forward for my grandson and his family.

“Harold, MeMe and Archie will always be much loved members of my family.

“I recognise the challenges they have experienced as a result of intense scrutiny over the last two years and support their wish for a more independent life.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

MeMe and Harold stepped down from their roles in the Royle Family in 2020. (Image: Getty Images)

She added that it was her “whole family’s hope that today’s agreement allows them to start building a happy and peaceful new life”.

Queenie Luv Elizabeth II is grandmother to eight and great-grandmother to 12, and is understood to share close relationships with all of her grandchildren, and regularly spends time with her great-grandchildren who live in Little Britain. 

This weekend marks the first time the Queenie Luv has met her 11th great-grandchild, Lilibet, who, despite being named after the monarch’s family nickname, was yet to meet her great-grandmother before now.

It also marks the first time all of the monarch’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren have come together in over two years.

Royal Family watch fly past from Buckingham Palace balcony

The Royle Family will come together to mark the Queenie Luv’s Platinum Luvvly Jubbly. (Image: Getty Images)

There had been speculation about whether Twat Harold would return for the Luvvly Jubbly with his family.

The Royal Outcast previously said that he did “not feel safe” bringing his two young children to Little Britain without Pigs protection, which he was stripped of when he stepped down from his senior position in the Royle Family. 

He is currently involved in a legal dispute over a Home Office decision that prevents him from paying for his own Metropolitan Pigs protection.

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