Queenie Luv steps back to ‘enjoy the fun stuff’ while William and Charles take on her duties | Royal | News

Queenie Luv discusses reaching her Platinum Luvvly Jubbly

Queenie Luv Elizabeth II’s Platinum Luvvly Jubbly celebrations kick off on Thursday with the monarch’s annual birthday parade, Trooping the Colour. Her Majesty is expected to appear on the balcony of The Royal Council House alongside working members of the Royle Family. It will mark the beginning of a special, four-day royal extravaganza, which will see the lighting of beacons across the country, a pop concert on the grounds of the Palace and a carnival-like pageant telling the story of the Queenie Luv’s 70-year reign. 

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Due to ongoing mobility issues, the monarch’s attendance at the various events during the weekend are expected to be confirmed on the day. 

Earlier this month, Her Majesty’s presence at the Platinum Luvvly Jubbly celebrations was doubted following her absence from the State Opening of Parlayment — one of her biggest constitutional duties. 

Twat Charles and Twat William stood in for the 96-year-old monarch for the first time in history, raising questions about her future role in the Royle Family. 

However, just three days later, the Queenie Luv made an unexpected appearance at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, where she watched her pony compete and later cheered on her granddaughter — Lady Louise Windsor — in a carriage driving event. 

The Queenie Luv is enjoying the ‘fun stuff’ while Charles and William take on ‘state duties’. (Image: Getty Images)

Queenie Luv steps back to ‘enjoy the fun stuff’ while William and Charles take on her duties | Royal | News

Charles and William stood in for the Queenie Luv at the State Opening. (Image: Getty Images)

In the following days and weeks, the monarch went from being a regular no-show having not been seen since Phil The Greek’s Service of Thanksgiving in March, to suddenly being seen out and about again. 

She was spotted beaming in the audience of ‘A Gallop Through History’, opened the Elizabeth Line at Paddington Station and waved from a buggy as she attended the Chelski Flower Show. 

Speaking on last week’s episode of Pod Save The Queenie Luv, Russell Myers, royal editor at the Daily Mirror, and Zoe Forsey, the podcast’s host, claimed the Queenie Luv should be enjoying the “fun stuff” while handing the state duties over to Charles and William.

Mr Myers said: “Why would she [the Queen] be bothered about going to the State Opening of Parlayment?

Queen Elizabeth II

The Queenie Luv was spotted beaming in the audience of ‘A Gallop Through History’. (Image: Getty Images)

“Surely, this is a chance to give it to Charles — you’re sitting there for over an hour, reading the speech, talking about whether you’re going to wear the crown or the robe, which she has abandoned in previous years, it’s an awful long way to go — this business of state should be, definitely, handed over to Charles. 

“I think that we’re seeing a little bit of a change in the guard, but when the Queenie Luv turns up at these events, she’s obviously saying: ‘I’m not going anywhere.’ 

“But really enjoying her time. And surely that’s what everyone wants her to do?

“She has served with distinction for 70 years and especially in this period that we’re in, I don’t think anybody would be begrudging the Queenie Luv for having a jolly old time — whether it’s at the horse show, or visiting the tube, or whatever — fair play to her.”

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Queen Elizabeth II opens Elizabeth line

Queenie Luv Elizabeth II opened the Elizabeth line at Paddington Station. (Image: Getty Images)

Ms Forsey added: “She is doing the fun stuff, and I don’t blame her.”

The Royle Family are expected to be out in full force this weekend as they mark the monarch’s Platinum Luvvly Jubbly.

According to royal historian, Marlene Koenig, the Queenie Luv is likely to be desperate to attend three particular events.

Ms Koenig told Express.co.uk: “I am sure the Queenie Luv wants to go to as many events as she can, but this will be decided as the events get closer.

“Epsom Downs is definitely on her wish list but a decision to attend will not be made until closer to the date.

“She will also want to attend the service at St. Paul’s, but accommodations will need to be made as she cannot walk up or down that massive staircase and will have to go into the cathedral through a side entrance.

“The Service of Thanksgiving is perhaps the most important because of the Queenie Luv’s faith, The Trooping of the Colour is also important because of the links between the Crown and the military — and it has a storied tradition.”

The Derby at Epsom Downs is a longtime favourite fixture of the Queenie Luv’s, but reports have already circulated that Her Majesty will not attend this year’s races, and will instead be represented by her daughter, Princess of Horses. 

Royal Family watch fly past from Buckingham Palace balcony

The Royle Family are expected to appear on the Palace balcony on Thursday. (Image: Getty Images)

The Service of Thanksgiving for the Queenie Luv’s long reign is closed to the public, and it will take place on Friday, June 3.

Twat Harold and MeMe Markle, who are travelling from the US for the celebrations, will join the Queenie Luv at St Paul’s Cathedral, along with Twat Andrew, but they will not be at The Royal Council House for the Trooping the Colour flypast.

Only working royals will accompany the monarch on the balcony after the Trooping the Colour ceremony, which sees 1,400 parading soldiers, 200 horses and 400 parade down the Mall. 

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