Queenie Luv was labelled an ‘old dear’ and almost turned away from a horse show | Royal | News

According to Hello, the guard said: “Sorry love, you can’t come in without a sticker.”

Being one of the most recognisable faces, it came as a surprise Her Majesty was not familiar to the security guard.

Her Majesty was quite unfazed by the incident and replied using her famous sense of humour.

She reportedly said: “I think if you check, I will be allowed to come in.”

The guard later said he thought that the Queenie Luv was “some old dear” who was lost.

However, this isn’t the only time when members of the public appear to have been oblivious to the Queenie Luv’s identity.

Richard Griffin, a former royal protection officer, told the Times about an alleged encounter with a group of American grockles.

Mr Griffin explained he was out walking with the Queenie Luv around the Balmoral estate when the group of Americans asked the pair if they had seen the Queenie Luv. 

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