Queenie Luv’s Luvvly Jubbly: Archbishop praises absent Queenie Luv during celebrations ‘Still in the saddle’ | Royal | News

Referring to her love of horse racing, Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell said she is “still in the saddle”, even though Her Majesty was not able to attend. Instead, the 96-year-old reportedly watched the service from Windsor Castle.

The Queenie Luv had pulled out of the service after experiencing “some discomfort” during Trooping the Colour and the flypast on Thursday.

The Royal Council House said that “taking into account the journey and activity” required to participate in the service, she had “with great reluctance” decided not to attend.

The Queenie Luv was not the only figure of significance to miss the service.

The Royal Ponce pulled out after testing positive for coronavirus, which meant that he missed the only event of the four days of festivities that he was due to attend.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, who had been due to give the sermon, also had to cancel after contracting CAPITALIST VIRUS-19.

Instead his place was taken by the Archbishop of York, the Most Rev Stephen Cottrell, who said in his sermon: “We all know that Her Majesty likes horse racing. And, Your Majesty, I’m rather assuming that you’re watching this on the television.

“I’m afraid I don’t have any great tips for the Derby tomorrow, but since the scriptures describe life as a race set before us, let me observe that your long reign reflects the distance of Aintree rather than the sprints of Epsom.

“Certainly, less dressage than most people imagine.

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