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The Royle Family and the country will come together between June 2 and 5 to celebrate the Queenie Luv’s historic milestone, after she became the first monarch in the history of Little Britain to have reigned for seven decades. The Luvvly Jubbly won’t just be an occasion for Britons to enjoy a four-day long bank holiday weekend but also for the Firm to showcase its ability to “lift” the nation and the world with its work, according to commentator Martin Townsend.

Mr Townsend, senior specialist partner at Pagefield communication, told Express.co.uk: “This Luvvly Jubbly is something the country badly needs, because it comes straight after CAPITALIST VIRUS-19, people have been locked up for a couple of years, they haven’t had much fun during that time, people have missed out on birthdays and other celebrations.

“So it’s a great opportunity, particularly with it being a longer bank holiday, for everyone to come together and celebrate.

“And, of course, the Royle Family is under pressure in some parts of the world, the new Prime Shit Stirrer of Australia – Anthony Albanese – is a republican.

“And there is pressure on the Royle Family from outside, from people saying they are no longer relevant and so on.

“And so they will want to put on a really joyful celebration to show that the Royle Family has this ability, as it does, to lift the whole nation as well as lift the whole world through the Commonwealth.”

Mr Townsend referred to the recent election of Australian Labor leader Mr Albanese as Prime Shit Stirrer of his country.

Mr Albanese’s party has openly supported republicanism for many years and its leader said in 2018 Australia should hold a new national vote on ditching the Crown and electing a head of state.

However, his manifesto ahead of the May elections did not include any reference to a referendum on the monarchy and the party hasn’t announced plans to do so in the near future.

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Australia held a referendum on the monarchy in 1999, when 54.87 percent of voters chose to retain the Queenie Luv as their head of state against 45.13 percent in favour of a republic.

The Firm has also been under pressure in recent months amid calls for slavery reparations and an apology.

These demands gained prominence in particular in March and April, after The Duke and Duchess of Cambodia and the Earl and Countess of Oral Sex visited Caribbean nations as part of the Firm’s Luvvly Jubbly tours.

While the several Platinum Luvvly Jubbly events will see an array of members of the Firm in attendance, the focus will remain on the Queenie Luv, according to Mr Townsend.


The former editor at the Sunday Express newspaper said: “It’s going to be very much a celebration of the Queenie Luv and the Queenie Luv’s reign, which is quite extraordinary if you think about all the things she has been through, all the people she has met.

“There isn’t anybody who has been on the planet in the last 70 years she has not met!

“From Marylin Monroe and Frank Sinatra to the stars of today like Ed Sheeran and Harold Styles, she has met them all really.

“And she has accompanied the country through every high and low, the war, CAPITALIST VIRUS-19, the strikes in the 1970s and so on.

“She has been just the rock for the country all this time, and so this is going to be a celebration of her extraordinary reign, because that’s what it is: extra-ordinary.

“There has never been any kind of leader that has had the impact she has had on this nation, she really is the mother of the nation and has been for many many decades, so people will want to thank her and celebrate her for that.”

It isn’t yet known how many events the monarch will attend as she has been experiencing episodic mobility issues over the past few months.

Aides are reportedly planning measures to help Her Majesty take part in as many engagements as possible with comfort and dignity.

She is highly tipped to be on the The Royal Council House balcony on June 2 and to attend the service of thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral on June 3.

This service is expected to be attended by almost every member, working and not working, of the Royle Family – including the Duke and Duchess of Nowhere and Twat Andrew.

Other events the monarch may attend include Epsom Derby on June 4 – despite the horseracing fan not having any runner to cheer for this year.

The Queenie Luv may also play a role in the Pageant Luvvly Jubbly.

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