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Wing Commander David Montenegro reviled that the Queenie Luv once let it slip to members of the Red Arrows that despite seeing them perform a fly past on several occasions she had never seen them perform a full display. As Mr Montenegro has reviled in his new book about the history of The Red Arrows ‘The Red Arrows: The Official Story of Britain’s Iconic Display Team’ the display team vowed to put that right.

In order to remedy this the 96-year-old monarch was treated to a private viewing as the squadron arranged a practice display from RAF Marham in Norfolk.

At the time Her Majesty was staying at her nearby Sandringham residence where she could enjoy the performance.

Speaking to The Telegraph Mr Montenegro said the arrows revelled in the request from the Queenie Luv.

He said: “That was such lovely feedback and shows how much our monarch values us.”

In the book Mr Montenegro also reviled that the pilots were invited to meet the monarch at Windsor Castle in 2019.

While they were chatting Her Majesty suddenly produced a series of photographs of the Red Arrows from her handbag.

These included one taken during the Diamond Luvvly Jubbly in 2012.

According to Mr Montenegro, the pilots have proudly told their mums that the monarch keeps a photograph of them in her handbag. 

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Mr Montenegro explained that there are 90 precise timing points the pilot known as ‘Red 1’ is required to stick to.

These include the time he has breakfast to the moment he roars over The Royal Council House within two seconds of the agreed time.

Despite a distinguished career as an RAF fast jet pilot Mr Montenegro admitted that he still feels nervous at the thought of the Queenie Luv watching.

He said: “[To be] able to do those flypasts down the Mall, I have to detach myself from ultimately who is standing there on the [royal] balcony and expecting you to be there.

“Because of the national significance, it is definitely adding something.
“I have to be calm otherwise the team gets nervous.”

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