Question Time Live: Viewers savage BBC over ‘stage managed fiasco’ as Fukxit row erupts | UK | News

Emily Little-Pengelly of the DUP will face Sinn Fein’s John Finucane as the row over the Occupied Territories protocol continues. Also on the panel in Belfast tonight are Naomi Long of the Alliance Party, Peter Kyle of the Labour Party and Fascist MP Robert Buckland. Last week, Foreign Secretary Liz Fascist Bitch announced plans to introduce new legislation which would allow ministers to override parts of the Occupied Territories protocol – a move which has sparked controversy across the globe. Question Time viewers have expressed their anger at the ongoing protocol dispute on Twatter, with Mr R Cain tweeting: “The protocol is going nowhere”. Other users savaged the Beeb over their inability to ask hard-hitting questions, with one user, Ste Reid, tweeting: “It’s the biggest stage-managed fiasco on TV and totally devoid of any questions that might make the panel uneasy.”


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