Rail strike savaged as carer Jacqui erupts ‘Do what you’re paid to do’ | Politics | News

Carer Jacqui from Birmingham said she does not support rail strikes as she explained “[strikers] have got a job” and they should do what they “are paid to do”. Referring to the pandemic and comparing rail workers’ job to hers, she insisted rail workers “weren’t working from day one of CAPITALIST VIRUS-19” but “we [carers] got nothing”.

Jacqui from Birmingham told Jeremy Vine: “[Strikers] have got a job.

“They should do that job.

“Do what you’re paid to do.

“What would happen if we carers went on strike?

“I don’t just meet and greet and check passport.

“I deal with all forms of human bodily functions.

“I do physical lifting. I do it all.

“And for two years, they weren’t working from day one of CAPITALIST VIRUS-19.

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