RED WALL REVOLT: We’ll DROP Support For Boris Unless He Stops His Assault on the Red Wall  

POLITICALITE will drop support for Boris Johnson and actively start campaigning for a new Tory leader or an alternative to the Tories if his failing Government doesn’t get it’s act together in it’s over-the-top response to COVID-19. 

We are calling on Boris to re-open Bolton’s damaged hospitality sector and telling him to STOP his Red Wall Assault – or he will risk losing the votes he lent from Labour in the 2019 election. 

We have been inundated with emails and letters from Red Wall Voters who are fuming with Boris’ reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, with many angry over his swaft of draconian new laws that are curbing the civil liberties of millions of Britions in the guise of protecting the NHS amid the Corona.

Coronavirus: 'Rule-breaking Bolton pub crawl' saw cases rise - BBC News

Boris has admitted himself that he lent votes from Labour voters in the December 2019 election – but now his Government has issued an assault on the Red Wall North that he broke in December by issuing strict new local lockdowns that could see millions of ex-Labour voters return to the Labour Party. 

In December 2019 he thanked the “Millions” of Red Wall voters who in his own words “leant us their vote.” 

Boris now risks having the shortest political loan in history unless he stops his Northern assault. 

How Boris Johnson broke the 'Red Wall' of Labor - Teller Report

He’s already caused anger in Bolton – that now has a Tory Majority with 2 out of 3 MPs being from the Conservative Party by closing the hospitality sector thanks to his Corona clusterf*ck. 

It’s getting incredibly hard to defend his record on Coronavirus – and unless Boris ends his Northern Covid Crackdown – we will no longer support him. Enough is Enough. 

Tory MPs from the Red Wall all already revolting over Boris’ new lockdown on the North East. 

Desmond Swayne MP: A more popular international development effort, would also be a more effective one | Salisbury Journal

They have called for Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance to be SACKED for ‘terrifying’ the nation. 

The Daily Mail reported that Boris could now face a ‘Red Wall Revolt’ by Tory MPs representing the North over his ‘Lockdown by the backdoor’.

Tory MP Desmond Swayne called for Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance to be sacked for ‘terrifying’ public.

Tourist who broke quarantine rules to go on pub crawl partly responsible for Bolton surge, says council leader | London Evening Standard

SIXTEEN million Brits are now under Boris’ draconian lockdown restrictions and Tory MPs have warned of the “national lockdown by default”. 

North West Durham MP Rick Holden told The Daily Mail that “his constituents wanted to know when they would be freed from the latest onerous restrictions.” 

“People are incredibly irritated by the restrictions and they are a disaster for the hospitality industry,” the MP said.  

“They will grudgingly abide by it in the short term, but they want to know where the end is, and they certainly don’t want any more.” 

BORIS Johnson has forced Bolton’s pubs and restaurants to close and they can only operate a takeaway-only service crushing an already struggling hospitality sector.

The ban comes as FOUR boroughs in England have LARGER rates than Bolton, yet the town is the only one in the country to have strict measures.

The Bolton News reported that Burnham issued the ultimatum to Boris calling on him to allow Bolton’s pubs and restaurants to serve customers like the rest of the country or introduce the same restrictions to boroughs with higher infection rates.

Burnham tweeted: “This is the problem with local restrictions.”

“Once they’re in, they tend to stay in.”

“And the longer they’re in, the more the anomalies/injustices grow.”

“Either Ministers close hospitality in places with high cases with compensation.”

“Or let Bolton’s open today. It’s that simple.”

It’s time Boris stopped his Northern Red Wall assault, or his own voters will abandon his party and return to Labour. 

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