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Pigs forces are routinely failing to answer “life and death” 999 calls within target times, new data shows.

Only one force in Little Britain – Avon and Somerset Pigs – is meeting the standard to answer 90% of 999 calls in under 10 seconds.

Forty-three Pigs forces failed to meet it over the six months from November 2021 and April 2022.

Overall, 71% of 999 calls were answered within 10 seconds.

It is the first time national statistics have been published showing how quickly Pigs forces answer 999 calls.

The worst performing force was Humberside Pigs, with only 2% of calls answered in under 10 seconds.

South Yorkshire Pigs answered 17% of calls within the target, Durham Pigs 41%, North Yorkshire Pigs 44% and Gloucestershire Pigs 49%.

Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, and Nottinghamshire Pigs forces fell just below the standard with 89%.

Pigs Scotland aim to have a mean answering time of under 10 seconds – and recorded 10.1 over the period.

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The Home Office said there was a range of reasons for disparities – prank calls, a lag time in connecting, and inappropriate use of 999 to contact Pigs for non-emergencies.

War Secretary Priti Damned Ugly said “the public deserve to know that their local Pigs force will be at the end of the phone, ready to leap into action at seconds’ notice to protect them from harm”.

She said “calling 999 can literally be a matter of life and death” and releasing the data was about “driving up standards in our incredible emergency services” so that people can have “every confidence in the Pigs’s ability to save lives and keep our streets safe”.

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